The mission of RSG1 is to advance cures and therapies for patients afflicted with brain tumors, cancer and with other neurological diseases and disorders through treatment, research and human clinical trials. RSG1 provides educational resources and support to our youth, families and communities at large, and promotes awareness of how common brain tumors are as the leading cause of cancer deaths and act as outreach to support affected individuals and their families. RSG1 is a privately funded, volunteer operated, non-profit charity, which supports brain tumor and cancer patients with medical treatment supplies through soliciting donations and enhancing community and corporate involvement.


RSG1 was founded in January 2010, by Samra R. Savioz, a mother with a child who was diagnosed with a rare brain disease in 2008, that went undiagnosed and had been misdiagnosed for over eight and a half years. When this particular disease was given a name “Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome,” little was able to be offered to help as there was no funding and no cure or treatments for her daughter, as is common for children diagnosed with a rare disease.

A decision was made by Ms. Savioz to do something to help her daughter and others like her, but also to assist in a greater effort…an effort that would have a much broader public health impact, one which researchers were designating as becoming the number one cancer killer of teenagers; brain tumors. And thus, RSG1 was born under the name Remi Savioz Glut1 Foundation or RSG1.

RSG1 was originally focused on one rare disease but has now become widely diverse in its support efforts, as research as shown those therapies and treatments can be effective for multiple disease types. Ms. Savioz believes that no patient should be left behind and that her daughter, Remi, gave her the passion and reason to embark upon the RSG1 journey for others. Ms. Savioz organized the first RSG1 medical and research conference in 2012 after fundraising for two consecutive years. The RSG1 Conference assisted in determining the directional efforts of the organization and confirmed the research and scientific data with evidence that has been collected to date about brain tumors, cancer and other neurological diseases and disorders.  The conference also addressed the relationships they shared and why RSG1 would impact the public’s health by investing in advancing cures for these diseases.

Today, RSG1 is still growing with fundraising events and other promotions to raise awareness. We take pride in our work in supporting families affected by brain tumors, cancer and other neurological diseases and disorders and our hope is for more research, as well as advanced methods for faster diagnosis… and eventually a cure.


Special thanks and shout out to our board members, who tirelessly support our cause and guide our activities. Their advice and knowledge helps to make RSG1 strong.

Our Board Members

Samra R. Savioz President & Founder
Michael Wentzel Vice President
Thomas P. McGinnis Esq. Board Chair
Adam Cohen Treasurer
Michele Dolby Secretary
Lauren Diulus Board Member
Bryan Hawes Board Member
Alex Maurer Board Member
Kathy Olek Donatelli Board Member

Speaking Opportunities

RSG1 President and Founder, Samra R. Savioz, is available for speaking opportunities, seminars and symposiums by appointment.  All proceeds derived from these public engagements will be considered as donations to RSG1 and the Celebrate Life Campaign.

Interested in a speaker?

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